"Plastic Letters" (veru_db_rks) wrote in cox_companions,
"Plastic Letters"

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Hello Hello...Hola!

Well Hello to all! ^_^
My name is Verushka, Veru...I am a huge Courteney fan and i don't know why it never occured to me to join or searcha lj community about her..=P
Anyways I hope to have fun here as i do on other boards and forums!
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Hello Veru AKA Twin =P
Twin! LOL I feel like im going everywhere you are!
Hey, I'm new here too but it seems like this board is actually pretty dead, lol.
Welcome yourself too! lol
YEah it seems like it...
lol i'm new too...hey veru and debeney.Tear this place is dead?!why do all good courteney boards/communities die