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cox_companions's Journal

Courteney Cox Companions
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RULES and GUIDELINES that EVERY member must abide by:
1. Trolling and Spamming
Anyone in this community that is rude and offensive to either fellow members and/or Courteney Cox Arquette will be banned from the community. If someone is being rude to you, IGNORE it, and the user will be banned.
2.Deleting Posts
As the maintainer of Cox Companions, I (mayfair) have the right to delete anyone's posts should the need arise. A post might be deleted if I feel that what it contains is unsuitable for viewing. 'Unsuitable' means that posts that are deemed by me as offensive, lewd or grotesque towards members and/or Courteney, will not be tolerated in the slightest. These posts will be deleted and the poster of that message will be warned first, and given the chance to shape up. If they don't improve, they're banned.

The Cox Companions community is the place for Courteney's dedicated fans. It's main goal is to provide a place for fans to discuss CeCe, her work, to share their opinions, and any news or photos they might find. We strive to bring the most Courteney Cox Arquette news to members on the web, in order to get CeCe out to her fans. Please take all of this into consideration when joining.

Maintained by mayfair
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