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Hiii!! My name is Ariel, and I joined like a couple of days ago, but I forgot that I did. Anyway, glad to be here!

Oh. And.. um, I love Cybil Waingrow. =D That is all. -skips off-
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Haha what happened to not being obsessed with 3KMTG? *pushes Airy off the windowledge*
Boo that. XD I won't talk about 3KMTG in our apartment anymore though. -nods- Unless people are talking about it. :)
Haha no, I don't mind if u talk about it in the apartment. I understand most of the stuff since, even though I've yet to see it *sob* u explained most of me to me. ;)
HEEEEEEY, I KNOW YOU! lol *hugs*